A BIG Voice!

I interview guest experts in the area of relationships. The entire planet is about relationships. All of life including ourselves are in constant relationships with something, persons or places.

The first place it begins is with YOU. If you are an expert in any area of relationship, I would love to interview you. You will be listed in your category where people can contact you

for your services. Become visible and heard by becoming a guest expert on my show.



Inspiring writings to shift your perspective to awaken to your truth so you can create and have the life you dream of. If there is a question or questions that you have, please be sure to connect with me and I will answer them.


Speaking Engagements:

I have the ability to create a safe place for your audience, make them laugh and deliver great information. I can tap into their hearts and connect with them on a deep level that has them

shift their perspective so that they can live a life of truth, freedom, peace, joy, happiness, abundance and love. With my message and being able to deliver and shift one’s perspective,

I can bring your ratings up and gain listeners. I’ve been in Radio/TV since 2007 and have over 26,000 listeners for my show!