What is Linda Amazing At?

She takes it to the next level every single time!
  • Interviewee on different venues/platforms
  • Interviewer at Red Carpet Events
  • Facilitator/teacher online courses
  • Radio show Interview guest experts on Relationships
  • Published book writer
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Life Coaching

Hire Linda

I help women TAP IN and BE TURNED ON to restore romance and intimacy in their relationships by diving deep within themselves to see their truth to live a life of freedom, joy, happiness, empowerment and love. I assist people to shift their perspective by helping them become aware of the truth that lies within them, take notice of what they are saying, or not saying, what they are truly feeling and thinking, and the action(s) they are taking. I also assist in helping you to “Explore Sensuality Playfully” by showing you how to “Spice Up Your Relationship.” Showing you creative ways to enhance your relationship and exploring your relationship on a different level. I show you ways on “How to Make Love 24/7” in your relationship with yourself and your partner. TAP IN & BE TURNED ON!

Courses with Purpose

COMING SOON—My fabulous 5 week workshop for “Linda’s Talks” where you TAP IN and BE TURNED ON!

Are you feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and feel like something is missing? Have no time for yourself? Not feeling sexy? Are you ready to call in your Divine Partner? If you answered “YES” to these questions, then you will want to attend these workshops!

I have experienced all of these and more.   Being a Relationship Expert for over a decade, I show you how to have it all and live a life of freedom, happiness, abundance and love!

If you are ready to take this journey, meet me and discuss what your possibilities are to live this joyous and free lifestyle please fill out this form and then contact me with a message today.



You Can Have A Life Of Purpose

This is a time in human existence when the opportunity to awaken to our full expression, to bring your gift to the world is here.  Now is the time to see what no longer serves you, look to see how you grow and learn from your experiences and situations; to evolve towards knowing who you are. FEAR is preventing that awakening; fear of what will they think! The down-talk that says, “I am not good enough,” “do I have what it takes?”……….and the list goes on.

When we live in fear, we are blocked from the Universal flow and are disconnected from Source, others and ourselves. We have placed armor around us and our heart, to protects us, but which also separates and isolates us from the world. It is necessary to remove that armor, to courageously look fear right in the face so that we can open our hearts to freedom, peace, joy, happiness and LOVE.

Having entered into a consciousness of love and living fully from the heart by thinking, speaking, taking action and feeling, it’s important for us to be consciously aware of coming from the heart at all times.

It is my intention to inspire people to AWAKEN by shifting your perspective, to fall in love with yourself, have the most profound relationship with your partner AND to walk your own path. I plant the seeds that will grow in the fertile ground you create through your own inner journey, which will eventually flower into a peaceful, joyous, abundant and loving life.

If you are ready to take this journey, meet me and discuss what your possibilities are to live this joyous and free lifestyle please fill out this form and then contact me with a message today.

It's Time To Wake Up Your Consciousness

Welcome! I am excited to extend an invitation to you to join me on a journey of inner exploration that will move us all towards more connectedness – the relationship within each of us, with those around us and life. Tap In to be Turned On!