Making The Shift

My Story  Let go, abandon safety, don’t be just satisfied, trust and live in faith. Life is about allowing the Divine to bring you all that you desire. Set aside and let the Divine work the magic and see it unfold. Be consciously aware to synchronicities, for they are the clues that the Divine is at hand. Your heart will open up as mine has.

What I Do — I work with groups and individuals to develop an extraordinary life beyond their work and the other roles they play. Being connected to Mother Earth and her going through a cleansing to release all that which does not serve her will also bring up anything hidden within us that is preventing the expression of our truth.

I raise your consciousness. A free and beautiful life is near.

              Her Bio

Linda SummersLinda Summers is passionate about changing the consciousness of humanity by raising the consciousness and awakening individuals to see their own truth. She is a Radio Show/TV Show Host Personality, Speaker, Author and Mentor.

Linda’s special gift lies in her ability to help people shift their perspective, thereby creating more peace and joy in their lives. She does this by shedding light on a person’s concepts, ideas and thought processes, helping people to heal through their own inner reflection. Linda believes that everyone walks his/her own path, and that every experience is an opportunity to learn, to evolve. She arrived at this stage of life through her outer journey as a Life Coach/Mentor, Interviewer Host and Motivational Speaker. Through her inner journey of breaking through personal fears, releasing and letting go of things that no longer served her and that were blocking her own truth, she was able to raise her consciousness and find peace.

She hosts her show “Conscious Talk Radio” on Blog Talk Radio. We have entered into a new consciousness, one that is about oneness, unity and love. The only way we are going to make a difference in the world, is if we make the difference. It begins with us and how we are BEING and what we are putting out there mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s time to “Wake Up.”

“It is my intention and commitment to humanity to raise the consciousness and shift one’s awareness to awaken to find their truth, be empowered from their truth and in revealing truth, find their happiness.”

With Love,

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